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enero 17, 2022
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2 Year Agreement Xfinity

Try talking to your local Comcast representative. The offers they offer are even better. I`ve already wanted to go from an Internet-only customer to a cable customer. At the time, I was paying the discounted price of $30 for 12 Mbps internet. When I entered the chat, the person on the other end refused to offer me packages given to new customers. In fact, I was told that I would have to pay $130 a month for cable plus internet (I wanted the digital starter pack). Then the person in the chat said I should contact sales. What was even worse was the fact that the woman was even worse in sales. She didn`t care if she wanted to leave or stay, her attitude was like “Boo Hoo mourn me a river”. She said I would also lose my Internet advertising rate and would have to pay $145 a month. At this point, I was so upset that I said I was done. She literally said “too bad.” When I was about to call Verizon, my friend put me in touch with the local Comcast representative.

This guy was much more helpful and listened to what I asked He had offers that were not advertised on the site. He contacted me on time and even after opting for the $80 package for Internet + Digital Starter + $10 for the HD cable box, he contacted me and told me there was another case to look into. At the time, I wasn`t interested in the triple-play package, but he said they offered the no-contract package for a promotional price of $89 per year and $109 thereafter. I would get blast + Premier Cable + phone service with a free SMS plan. It was a breeze. I picked it up and had my ATnT SMS plan dropped, which saved me $20. On top of that, I don`t have to pay any setup fees. My college at work paid $210 for the exact package and when he learned that I basically had 40% of what he had paid, he literally blew a backup! I have just returned from a two-year contract and the price of my “XFINITY Bundle” has gone from $119.99 to $147.95 (23% increase). I just called CSR and was super nice to her. I told her that I was very interested in renewing my two-year contract and what she could do for me. I`m now back for $89.99 for the first year (39% discount rate) and $109.99 for the second year (26% savings from the out-of-contract rate).

Damn, even that second-year rate is cheaper than what I paid for the last contract. I did not threaten to leave; Our conversation lasted about 5 minutes. I`m amazed, to be honest. Let`s see if they do the right billing in the future. I just noticed that Comcast has increased the DTA fee to $6.99 per month. I don`t know how this can be justified! I had the same two DTAs for YEARS (since the fee was $1.99 per DTA). I had a conversation about this with Comcast a few years ago and was never able to get a direct answer as to why fees are going up. It seems to me that their fixed costs are the same and variable, perhaps slightly increased. The equipment is the same on my side. Plus, Comcast just took the TCM out of my packaging and put it into something called “Sports and Entertainment” to the next level. Make more money.

The worst part is that since I had Xfinity a year ago, I`ve only had problems. every month. Either the TV is off, the phone or internet is off, but usually it`s the TV. I`ve had these guys here 4 times and now they tell me that nothing else can be done. They replaced the cables inside and outside, the new modem, etc. The icing on the cake was tuesday this week when the TV turned off again The support told me it was my box and they should make an appointment for Saturday. No TV until Saturday???? Did WTH pay for it? Anyway, the support said they would try to get another date closer to yesterday. Never had an answer. The TV turned on again 10 hours later, but I couldn`t change channels and got stuck watching a stupid movie.

then the image shrank from 40″ to 6″ square. Called again. Autobot said there was an outage in my area. even if I had internet and phone? Finally, after another 8 hours, everything straightened up. It was Wednesday. Morning. At 6pm .m that evening, support called to check my appointment TWO WEEKS AFTER the date I had the problem. It is a total bull. Nothing but a bunch of liars there.

12/2018 I had a speed of 25MB at $24.99 ($19.99 with Ecopay) for a year. I called to cancel and they didn`t want to upgrade to the regular price of $49.99, so I canceled and they said ooook. I received an email in my Comcast email the next day stating that they didn`t want to see me and call me. I called the number which, according to the representative, was a new storage service. I`m not sure what`s new about it, but the representative told me I could get the same price I paid, so I signed up for another year. He said he could not make it a permanent rate. I wish you, get me a amerean yhear you. I have Centur Link DS slow or Com SUCKS..

I am a veteran of the cancer fight. To get my double [play and switch from DISH which I loved. Started six years ago at $88.00. I am now at *$188.00 and I have not changed anything. Ignorant immigrant workers bought from the customer are rude. I couldn`t understand them. I said to Niceley, “I can`t understand you, can you please put me in touch with an American-speaking supervisor.” She put me on Hol`s sfter 27 mint with her for another 29 minutes and no one ever picked me up. You Blow Comcast.I would have tried your cell phone service. No thank you.

You evaluate your loyal customers. Bad I used your suggestions and added the following: I calculated what it would cost for similar services with two other providers (Century Link and Direct TV) I calculated what I would pay if I came to Comcast as a new customer. I compared the annual cost of each of these scenarios. Then, when I spoke to the representative who was working on the line to “stop your Comcast service,” I calmly told him about my findings in detail. I then added that it looks like I`d save $1600 in the first year and $720 in the following years by leaving Comcast for their competitors while getting more channels and cooler DVR features. Plus, I mentioned that it`s obvious that Comcast rewards its loyal customers by charging them $470 more per year than its new customers! I then added softly, “That doesn`t sound right, does it?” The stunned representative said to wait a minute and I will see what I can do. Six minutes later he was back, reduced my monthly fee by $55/month, and gave me 3 months free DVR. I think I`m going to make it an annual event to make that call.

Thirty minutes of research to save over $600? You bet it`s worth it. I can always jump ship to save $1000 more. But I`m staying in place for now. Overall, ask yourself if all customers express themselves in this way. Maybe businesses are getting the message that there`s a price to pay for not worrying about your existing customers. .

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