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Appointment in Agreement

Contractual appointments are limited to Management and Senior Professional (MSP) and Professional and Support Staff (SPS) positions and must be hired through open recruitment, campus-only recruitment, or recruitment waiver. Contractual appointments may not be filled by non-recruitment. In addition, the following words have this meaning: Appointment Agreement means the Designated Buyer Appointment Agreement with respect to the resale of the participating CCN1 entered into between the Issuer and the Designated Buyer on or about the date of this Deed. A contractual designation is a position that is set at a fixed or variable percentage of time for a maximum period of four (4) years. A comprehensive or promotional review is not required if the terms of the current appointment provide for a final appointment with no possibility of renewal. A contract date should not replace a professional contract of indefinite duration. All terms and conditions of employment are clearly defined in a written employment contract between the University and the Commissioner. The representative of the duty holders shall properly exercise and comply with its powers and obligations under applicable laws and regulations and the agreement on the appointment of the representative of the duty holders, including the powers and obligations under these Terms. The Head of Unit is empowered to recruit, select and recruit contract staff. The Registrar is required, under the Registrar Appointment Agreement, to prepare, register and/or record any transaction relating to the transfer, pledging or issuance of a new certificate and any other matter relating to the Notes in accordance with applicable law and to keep the record until the date on which all obligations are repaid in accordance with these Terms. Schedule 10.01 Amendment No. 4 and Agreement to Resign, Waive, Consent and Appoint dated July 23, 2009 by and between Lehman Commercial Paper Inc., Wachovia Bank, North America, West Corporation and certain national subsidiaries of West Corporation, amending the October 24, 2006 loan agreement between West Corporation, certain national subsidiaries of West Corporation, Lehman Commercial Paper Inc.

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